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Job Search Resources

Self-Employment and the Job Hunt

The Job Quest with Melissa Cooley

Should a period of self-employment be included in a resume? This blog post discusses the reasons why disclosure of self-employment is a wise choice to make.

80 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts 2014

Career Sherpa with Hannah Morgan

To enhance your job search and career resources, I’ve culled this list of 80 Twitter accounts I follow for up-to-date information.

How to plan for your next job interview

Design Resumes with Julie Walraven

Interviewing is stressful and there are multiple aspects to the planning. Today let’s just do some basic Q&A to learn the best ways to be successful in the phone interview, the Skype interview, and the in-person interview.

3 Steps to Walking Into Your Interview with Confidence

Career Pivot with Marc Miller

If you walk into an interview feeling good about yourself, it will exude from every pore. The one thing you cannot fake is passion.

I am going to give you three steps to take starting 45 minutes before an interview. Step 3 may sound a little crazy, but stick with me.

Why Is This Hiring Process So Slow?

Hire Imaging with Barb Poole

“Why is it taking so long to hire?” is a frequent question in the minds of job seekers. Presents some of the scenarios as to whys, and what the candidate can do.

Career Exploration

My take on salary history questions from a prospective employer

Staffing Insights with Eric Derby

I have recently seen a number or articles suggesting that people not discuss their salary history with prospective employers. I think they are wrong. Withholding the information can make the process tougher and sharing it can be used to improve the process.

Career Management

When to Unfriend a LinkedIn Connection

Avid Careerist with Donna Svei

When to disconnect and alternatives in the post and comments to “going nuclear.”

Ditch the New Year’s Resolution… Create a Career Action Plan

The Savvy Intern with Dave Ellis

Hey… do you want to read another post about how to set New Year’s resolutions for a successful job or internship search?

Sorry. This isn’t one of them.

The truth is… January 1st isn’t magical. It’s a date on the calendar like any other.

But perhaps therein lies the magic. Any date can be made a special starting day – even today!

Do Certifications Matter?

Acacia HR Solutions with Sabrina Baker

In a day where competition for jobs is fierce, do certifications give candidates a “leg up”? This blog posts explores that question and identifies how to tell which certifications might be worth it.

Why you shouldn’t waste your time making new goals this new year

Mildred Talabi

Making New Year goals this year? Don’t bother! Here’s why…..

Learn Something Unrelated. Kick Your Career Up a Notch.

Business Fitness with Dawn Lennon

Learning is about head and heart. It adds insight, experience, connections and even uniqueness. In terms of your career, you’re differentiating yourself, making yourself more interesting, revealing yourself as creative, adventuresome, inventive, and multidimensional.

Starting your year on the Right Foot

Search for Authentic Leadership with Dan Ryan

Having a great year means you need to get started in the right direction. This post gives a few simple tips to help you get headed in the right direction.

How to write my ex-boss a thank you note for firing me

Elephants at Work with Lynn Dessert

It’s hard to believe but someone asked the question about writing a thank you note to their ex-boss even though they were fired! Let’s explore why you might want to thank your boss and how to do it.

Emotional Intelligence – the Most Effective Smarts!

Workplace Communications with Beth Sears

Emotional Intelligence is quickly becoming the measure of who does well in the workplace and who does not. Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence skills can be learned. This article gives an overview of the components of Emotional Intelligence and some tips to improve your interpersonal skills.

Personal Branding

Experiencing Failure

Arthur’s Blog with Arthur Catalanello

For most people, the greatest number of “failures” will be experienced during job loss and job search. However, failure is the road to success and there’s a difference between being a failure and experiencing failure.

How to Use Twitter for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand with Meg Guiseppi

Step-by-step advice on using Twitter to build your personal brand and land an executive job.

9 Ways to Improve Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile For the New Year

Chameleon Resumes Blog with Lisa Rangel

The New Year is here! It is a pivotal time of year to get your resume and LinkedIn profile updated, in sync and given to the right contacts to land your next job faster for the New Year. Whether you are simply updating your achievements, landing a new job or switching careers, it is key to capitalize on this time of year to position yourself to thrive in 2014. Here are 9 holiday resume and LinkedIn profile tips that you can do right now to get your profile and resume up to speed fast!

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