This month, we threw out a challenge to our career experts and many of them came through with some great career advice. The theme of this month’s Career Development Carnival was incorporating the number “9” nine.

We know that many of you like lists because they are a quick read and pack tons of information and tips that you can use today. This month’s no exception. We have nine articles for you to check out with 81 career tips to keep you moving ahead through the end of this year!

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Personal Branding

 9 Reasons I’m Not Reading Your Blog

Blog: Ink’d Content                          Author: Nicki Porter

Branding yourself is done through a lot of mediums, and blogging certainly is one of them. It’s important to know, then, what will get your blog read. Self-proclaimed blog guru, Nicki Porter, provides the 411 on why she may not be reading your blog.

Career Exploration

 9 Career Boosting Activities for Online Students

Blog: Inside Online Learning         Author: Melissa Venable

In response to this month’s theme, these activities are all geared toward online students – they can take place via the Internet – and designed to help them forward progress toward their career goals by the end of the year.

Career Management

 9 Ways to Boost Career Development

Blog: Profession Direction Blog     Author: Kristin Johnson

Quick ways to boost your career development in just minutes a day. Career management doesn’t have to be time consuming. These tips are great ways to keep track of your successes, build your personal brand, develop an online presence, and more.

Start You Career Planning Now: 9 Ways to Get Started

Blog: Career                  Author: Hannah Morgan

It is easy to be complacent. It is much more difficult to take control and feel like you are managing your career. Follow these 9 steps to build a better future for yourself!

9 Ways to Boost Your Career Development (by the end of the year)

Blog: Acacia HR Solutions              Author: Sabrina Baker

Nine tips for keeping the momentum up for your job search or future career development throughout the 4th quarter of 2012.

9 Steps to Boost Your Career Before 2013

Blog: Guide on the Side                  Author: Michael Keathley

This post offers readers nine steps to re-evaluate their current career and future goals; then it provides advice and links to help readers boost their career success before the end of this year.

Nine Ways to Improve Career Advancement while Working

Blog: Elephants at Work                Author: Lynn Dessert

It is important to focus on your career while you are working and everything is going along smoothly. There are a number of career strategies you can employ to stay ahead of the game and be ready when you have to make a move.

Job Search Resources

9 Deadly Sins of Job Search

Blog: Hell in the Hallway               Author: Deborah Mourey

They may not be deadly but they sure can slow down your search. Do you know yourself? Do you follow up? Do you have a plan? Find out how to make your search surefire.

Networking Tips

9 Rookie Networking Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Blog: The Savvy Intern                  Author: Mark Babbitt

“You may not know it yet, but while you are working hard to build a respectable personal brand – you may be doing the exact opposite. While you labor to extend your contact list and sphere of influence – you are actually limiting your potential.

All because you’re making these easily fixable rookie networking mistakes…”

Next Month’s Carnival

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