Next week, I will be hosting the Carnival of HR. It is exciting because some of the best HR bloggers participate in this social media event.

Our carnival ring mistress, Shauna Moerke gives each carnival host some creative license to fashion a theme that might be intriguing to readers – personally, that is what makes me want to see the carnival!

Some of you may know that one of my passions is dancing and if you watch Dancing with the Stars, you will be one step ahead of what I have come up with for the May 11th edition.

Dancing is not limited to the dance floor. It can occur between people anywhere, literally and figuratively.

For this month’s carnival, I would like the contributors to think about how organizations or people are influenced or represented by dance partnerships in different styles of dance.

To help with some of the creative juices, I’ll summarize and provide links (click on the dance name) to some of the more popular dance styles – maybe one of them will inspire you!


One of the most romantic and elegant dances – partners glide across the floor with long sweeping movements incorporating rises and falls. The waltz commands attention on the dance floor.

Viennese Waltz

A faster version of the waltz with tight small steps and quick rotations as you whirl your way around the room. Often considered one of the most difficult dances to learn.


Walking or gliding steps with controlled movement progressing across the floor with an easy flow – think of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.


A fast foxtrot mixing smooth glides, kicks, jumps and runs of steps as it races around the floor – a favorite dance for competitive dancers.


A moderately slow romantic Latin dance sprinkled with wraps, underarm turns and flirtation.


A fast moving triple step Latin dance emphasizing syncopated hip movements -playful and fun.

American Tango

A dramatic, stealthy and fiery dance where the partners are in close hold.

Paso Doble

A lively dance filled with strong deliberate movements often referred to as marching steps- drama and passion based on a Spanish bull fight.


A high energy and flashy dance where leader draws the follower close and sends the lady out. The hustle incorporates constant spins, open traveling movements and syncopations.


The jive has personality – it is packed full of high energy with lots of flicks and kicks.

Send your links to Lynn Dessert at lynn @ elephantsatwork dot com by Monday May 9th.  Include #CarnivalofHR in the subject line. The carnival will go live on May 11th. Let the fun begin!