Meet Lynn Dessert – Executive Career Coach

My name is Lynn Dessert, a Certified NLP Coach and the founder of Leadership Breakthrough, Inc., working with executives (C-suite) and high potential individuals to build the career and life balance they want for success.

Lynn DessertMy behavioral approach is grounded in many of the assessments I use to offer clients information about how their thinking styles influence their communication and actions. Clients work with me when they are stuck in a rut and need help figuring out how to adapt or change their behavior because it is preventing career advancement.

As an executive career coach, I work with you four ways:

  1. As an individual – providing impartial guidance and coaching on career exploration and changes, personal effectiveness, skill development and their ability to positively influence relationships. Individual coaching may be company sponsored or privately funded.
  2. Using leadership, career and 360-degree assessments to help individuals, group members, and organizationally.
  3. Through speaking engagements to raise awareness on career management and leadership best practices.
  4. Publishing – I author Elephants at Work, a career advancement blog. If you want free advice on sticky situations – this is the place to do your homework. For extra career information, check out my latest eBook: What To Do After Being Fired, and The Secrets to Job On-Boarding!

To work together personally, let’s start a conversation – contact me below.

Asking for Help

I often receive questions from readers on Elephants at Work. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The tips, suggestions and advice you read on this site is for general use. If a situation is discussed, it may or may not apply directly to the problem you are trying to solve – especially if it is an ongoing problem.

In my opinion, a professional who renders a definite solution without learning about your particular situation in-depth is irresponsible behavior.

I give readers two options when they write me:

  1. You can work directly with me and we can work to resolve your specific problem privately in a coaching session.
  2. Your question is featured in a column where I give general advice, especially if the situation is one I feel other readers can benefit.

The latter option is not a consultation and does not imply I have given the best solution. You may find some words of wisdom in my advice or other people’s comments.

To work together personally, contact me using the form below.