What do you do when you need to find your employer’s address after being fired and they are not responding to any requests for information? Here’s a situation that one reader wrote me about:

I got fired from my job on Jan 3, 2014 due to being sick to many times. I tried to file unemployment and need the employer name and address, the company I work for is owned by another company and I don’t know the address of the company, we never got pay stubs as it was all done direct deposit.

I tried going onto the website to view the paystub and couldn’t get on, I have called our Human Resources department and was given the run around. I have sent emails several times to the parent company with no response. I don’t know what to do? Any help you can give me would help me.

Thank you, C

Response: You probably have a complicated situation and it is going to take some investigation and persistence to find an answer. It is not surprising that your employer is being slow to respond after you have left employment. Here are a few options for you to find an employer’s address:

  • If you have been working for over a year – check your W-2 form from last year. Your ex-employer has an obligation to report your wages and send you a copy. This document should have the information or if you have to wait until the end of January this year, you will receive one for this past year’s earnings.
  • Your bank may have copies of the information from the direct deposit that they can pull and you should find your employer’s address. Check to see if you can see the cancelled checks online before paying a fee for a hard copy of the cancelled check.
  • Your local unemployment office should be able to help you find the employer information too because they have paid into the UE plan – don’t use the automated phone – go down and sit with them and explain your situation.
  • If you received an offer letter, the employer’s address should be included on it.
  • Look for any communication that may have been sent to you by mail or email from the company – you many find your employer’s address on the letterhead.
  • Check with the insurance company under which you are being covered to find your employer’s address.

In conclusion, it is a good idea every time you begin employment with a company to write down their address and contact information. You never know when you’ll need it – even on the update for a resume!