The first thing you probably are thinking about is how do I get hired after being fired again? Getting hired after being fired happens everyday, sometimes it is easier than other times.

25648445_sThere are many reasons why you might have gotten fired – poor attendance, making a mistake on the job or poor performance such as missing quotas or targets. These are the common situations for being fired from your job and are easier to situations to overcome than stealing, theft, dishonesty or being fired multiple times for the same reason. Today, I will address the more common situations for being fired.

You are probably wondering, “Do I have to put on the application why I was fired?” The answer is YES. An application is a legal document. You can get fired for being dishonest or lying on an application – do you want to put that down on future applications?

Stating why you are fired on an application may make you feel vulnerable and ashamed for being let go under less than desirable circumstances. Know that you are not alone. The first time is the hardest and it will get easier because you figure out how to make it less of an issue.

Some things to consider before interviewing:

  • Your age may factor how easy it is to get hired again after being fired. If it was your first job, you may be able to explain why you did not perform as quickly as others who have experience.
  • Mistakes happen on the job. Sometimes those mistakes are big ones and you get fired for them. Sometimes, you become the scapegoat for someone else’s mistake.
  • Reflect on whether the job you were in is a good fit for you. Performance issues can arise from not having the right skills for the job or you just hate doing it.
  • Being fired for attendance, no matter what your age, is something to address and correct before looking for another job. If your attendance was affected because you were sick, overslept, played hooky, caring for an ailing parent or any other reason, you must figure out how to correct the situation. No new employer will tolerate poor attendance.

In all cases, after being fired, before interviewing, fix the problem that caused you to be fired. Your interviewer will ask about the firing and you want to be able to share how you been able to overcome the situation. That’s how you get hired after being fired.