Frustrated that you did not get the job you coveted? Perhaps one or more of these reasons on the list played a role in the missed opportunity. Consider what you might do to overcome one of these job-hunting deal killers.

39197239_sYou are casting too wide a net.

Contrary to what many career coaches or counselors tell you, going after too many different kinds of jobs will not help you get the job. When recruiters or employers are confused about what you really want to do, they move on to find someone who is excited and knows exactly what they want to do.

You are geographically limited.

Recognize that when you open up your geographical constraints you will increase your odds with finding that dream job. Understandably, the thought of moving does not seem possible; before discounting it, consider the upside for you and your family. While a fresh start may seem scary, it often propels a career.

You are vertically challenged.

When I refer to being vertically challenged, I do not mean how tall you are! Verticals are the industries that you have worked in and are targeting during your job-hunting process. Open up your job search to more verticals. For example if you work in the restaurant business, consider other industries such as food manufacturing, hospitality, resorts, food and beverage. Your skills will be appreciated in different industries and you will bring a unique perspective to the job.

Your interviewing skills need improvement.

One of the top coaching requests I receive from job-hunters is to improve their interviewing skills because they believe their performance did not help them get the job. After finally getting an interview, blowing it because you were not ready and did not know how to answer the recruiter’s questions is frustrating. Most of you know that questions that they will ask, and the one that trips people up is “tell me about yourself”. So if you know it, then prepare for it because 99% of the time it will be asked.

You are not networking enough.

I know you have heard it before, get out and network. It’s hard to meet strangers and ask for help. I get it. There is a formula for networking it and not feeling like you are needy. When people like you and feel like you are helping them too, they are more apt to send job leads your way. Does it happen over night? No. It will happen though if you think beyond networking and continue to be of service to others. Good people naturally help people who help them.

You are spending too much time on diversions.

I will be if you looked at your week, you will find that over 50% of it is doing other things than looking for a job. If not, you are in the minority – and keep your focus on the end goal – to get the job. However, if diversions are taking you away from having conversations with people who can help you – recruiters, other job-hunters, HR etc. then reassess if what you are doing is a step in the right direction. Another area that job hunters focus too much on is their resume. Do it once with a resume writer and let it go. Continuously tweaking it takes you away from the real work to get the job.

Bottom line – you have a goal to get the job. Make sure that everything you do is supportive of moving toward that goal.