Hearing from readers is one of the best parts of writing a blog. They tell you what is on their mind or share resources and instantly you have a new article – and sometimes you accidentally stumble upon something you did not expect.

A few weeks ago, Mr. D wrote me about an article on Why Negative Reviews are a Gift because he knows I am doing some research on customer reviews.

At the end of his message, he wrote: “By the way, I was laid off three weeks ago last Friday and started a new job yesterday — not just any job — this is my dream job, and it came to me via a LinkedIn Group.  Fun stuff!”

I wrote back and said, “I did not realize you changed jobs – so what is the “dream” job?” What I was fishing for was what company he is working for so I could update his contact information.

What I got back was much more insightful. I can always find out where he works, instead he told me what makes him tick.

His response:

What makes it a dream job?

  • Working with friendly people
  • Close to home
  • A company culture of caring for the customers
  • Great sales growth potential
  • I’m in charge of the sales effort
  • I have input on all aspects of operations
  • Working with helpful people
  • Shorter required hours (and I’m working longer because it’s fun)
  • Working with a team (instead of a micro-managing owner)
  • Did I mention working with friendly people?
  • Casual dress (I had no idea how much I’d come to appreciate this so quickly)
  • Better pay and benefits (three weeks vacation 1st year)
  • Flexible hours
  • The office is climate controlled (you’d have to have seen my previous workplace)
  • The office (and the rest rooms) are clean (you’d have to have seen my previous workplace)
  • There is a real kitchen in the office
  • Did I say how great the people are?

My question to you is “what is your dream job?” Is it different for men vs. women? Do different generations value the attributes of their job the same way? What makes you tick?

And Mr. D, thank you for sharing your list!