Today, I would like to introduce you to Hannah Morgan. I met Hannah several years ago at RochesterWorks. We did not know each other very well while she was employed there, but after starting her company, Career Sherpa, she reached out to build a relationship.

The thing I like about Hannah is that she is growing as an individual and every day gets clearer about what she does well and what she prefers to not to do.

Similar to many of us, Hannah leverages past experiences – tapping into 10 years of expertise supporting and guiding dislocated workers to shape her service offerings. Her mission is to guide new job seekers through the treacherous terrain of job search by providing a map and the tools to navigate today’s competitive landscape. Career Sherpa is a resource for those who want current job search methodology help.

I had a few questions for Hannah that may give you additional insight into how she thinks, why she started Career Sherpa and if she might be of help to you in a job search capacity.

What was the inspiration behind “Career Sherpa’?

I founded as a platform to dispense actionable, no-nonsense job search advice. I want to inform and educate; and I want to make a difference in the lives of those who are serious about pursuing a lifetime of meaningful work.

I am passionate about helping the wandering and lost job seeker to understand how to look for work better and I wanted to deliver information on my terms, in my way!. I am NOT a Coach. I have deep respect for coaches and their patience and training, however, my approach doesn’t follow any true “coaching” practices. It will work for those who are willing to take real and honest feedback and take action on the steps I recommend. I have seen so many people who are not doing it well and I know with a little help, they’ll be more successful.

How has your personal journey to know what you do well help your clients?

When I embarked on my own, I thought I wanted to offer workshops and facilitate small groups. In the beginning, I was able to acquire clients who were interested in one on one help. I stepped away from my core vision and true strengths to provide an income. And you know what happened? It validated for me exactly why I needed to focus on workshops and group work. Just as I recommend to job seekers to stay true to their mission, I too, needed to stay true to mine. It was a valuable lesson learned and one I am glad you asked about.

Starting my own business has been an adventure. I’ve had to do new things, meet new types of people and seek information that will allow my business to grow. When you follow your “passion” none of these seem insurmountable. I’ve seen this as an incredible learning experience that allows me to better relate to the trek the job seekers I work with are experiencing.

Each time I talk with you, the word “accountability” creeps into our conversation. What does that mean to you?

You are right. I love using that word- accountability. I see it as “responsibility to one’s self”. When you are assigned tasks and goals at work, generally you are expected to meet them and someone is there to ensure that you do. During job search, there are tasks and goals that are just as important, however, without someone to check in with, it is easy to push them aside. It hard doing the things we don’t like to do and slip into non-productive patterns of thought and action. Who is going to fix that for the job seeker?

 How are you helping the unemployed worker to be more accountable during the job search process?

I’ve launched a new program called “Tough Love”. It is 6 weekly meetings which are like project status updates. No excuses. In other words, each week, the team members are responsible for setting and reaching their goals as well as those that I assign. I become the project manager they need to check in with. However, having other people in the group also provides extra sources of help. Here is what I’ll be sure to cover:

  •  Make more and better follow-up contact with hiring managers and your network
  • Acquire more names of people to meet with
  • Work smarter, not harder to get it all done in a week
  • Develop a personalized plan to work the most productive activities first
  • How to NOT shoot yourself in the foot when you interview

 Can anyone join the Tough Love group?

Absolutely, anyone willing to commit to these two things:

  1. I will expect you to be on time for our sessions out of respect for the entire group’s process. If you must miss a session, please give us 24 hours notice (unless it’s an emergency), and we will do the same for you.
  2. I will expect you to follow through on activities assigned between sessions. You are responsible for your own personal development, and you will get out of this what you put into it!

Oh, and there is a fee for this, so being willing to invest in yourself!

What can I expect working with a group vs. working individually with you?

Whether one-on-one or as a group, I give straight-shooting, honest opinions based on my experience and knowledge. I will serve as a guide, editor and advisor to help those willing to do the hard work it takes to manage their search.

 Will this process get me a job?

This is the best question. No one or no program can guarantee you get a job. Learning better, more effective ways to job search is part of the challenge. The other part is up to the employer. You can only control your part of the process. You will have more conversations, that I guarantee. More conversations will almost always lead to more interviews. Interviews are only one step away from a job.

If Hannah’s approach sounds like it might get you back on track with your job search efforts, you will find her contact information at Career Sherpa.