The Strong Interest Inventory is an assessment that I use with my career coaching clients, especially for career exploration and validation. The kinds of decisions you might be contemplating are:

  • Assessing your career choice – are you in the right field, company or role?
  • Thinking about moving into a new or second career
  • Identifying what might may be wrong about your job or career environment
  • Unfocused on what you want to do – you have too many options and want to narrow the choices down
  • Developing career choices
  • Making decisions on educational focus and investment

Often the Strong Interest Inventory is used for new high school or college graduates, however, there is a version that is applicable for the seasoned careerist. It is a two-part report including the Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report.

The Strong Interest Inventory Profile organizes your information around the following:

  1. General Occupation Themes describes your interests, work activities, potential skill and personal values in six areas.
  2. Basic Interest Scales are specific interest areas within the General Occupational Themes and identifies fields that would be motivating or rewarding for you.
  3. Occupational Scales compares your likes and dislikes as compared to others who are satisfied in the same occupation or job.
  4. Personal Style Scales describes your preferences on work style, learning, leadership, risk-taking and team work.
  5. Profile Summary provides a snapshot of your profile.
  6. Response Summary is the summary within each category of the Strong items.

The second report is the Interpretive Report. The reason I like to include the Interpretative Report you receive another cut of data detail and it summarizes your general interest patterns and how similar your answers are to the interests of workers in 120 occupations.

Here is an example of a Strong Interest Profile and Interpretive Report.

If you or someone else wants to receive the Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretative Report to learn more about your career, start the process below. The fee includes your report and a one hour feedback in person, by phone or SKYPE with Lynn Dessert, Executive Career Coach. This fee is for US-based clients, international clients, contact me directly.

Once I receive payment, the process takes about 3 weeks until you receive the full report. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.