A couple of weeks ago, I asked for your help in developing a list of assessments and you responded with gusto. The use of assessments is prevalent in business, education and as a tool for personal growth.

Sometimes we find out what we want to know from taking one assessment and then there are situations where we continue to look because the one we selected was not the right one.

Recently, I was talking to a Vice President, Human Resources at lunch in Erie Pa. I was on my way back from working in Detroit with a sales team for two days. During our conversation, I shared with him my new web based project that gives people information to make informed decisions before selecting and using an assessment.

Once you have found the assessment you want to use, it will help you find someone who is certified to use the tool or who can help you get the most out of your experience. I would love to hear if any of you believe there is value in this approach.

So far, here is the tally of assessments you have identified as the ones you used. If your favorite one is not included, let us know in the comment section below or in the initial post: The List of Assessments. You may want to refer to this post to see what people have said about their experiences with assessments.

  1. Myers-Briggs (MBTI)
  2. Strengthsfinder 2.0
  3. Cognitive Fitness Test
  4. Thinking Pattern Profile
  5. Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)
  6. Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)
  7. FIRO-B
  8. PassionWorks
  9. Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)
  10. Birkman Method
  11. Leadership Action Profile (LAP)
  12. LIFO
  13. Hollands Self Directed Search
  14. The Gabriel Institute of Role Based Assessment
  15. DISC
  16. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2)
  17. Strong Interest Inventory (SII)
  18. Rorschach Inkblots
  19. The Rembrandt Advantage
  20. Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI)
  21. Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Assessment (PIAV)
  22. Reiss Desires Profile
  23. Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
  24. Learning Styles Inventory
  25. Institute of Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM)
  26. Harrison Assessment
  27. The InsightMiirror360
  28. Attributes Index
  29. FourSight
  30. NEO PI-R
  31. Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP)

I would like to see this list reach a 100 in the next couple of months. If you use assessments or own an assessment, leave a comment below.