Congratulations on the new job! Getting through the interview process and being selected is an accomplishment. Once you land at your new workplace, there are some specific steps you can take to keep that new job for a long time.

You might expect your organization to have everything ready for you the first day. If your new manager has a place for you to work and plans out your week, you will probably have an easier integration. However, there are many organizations who fail to on-board employees successfully.

Regardless of the organization’s readiness for you, remember that managing your career doesn’t stop after you get the job. You can take control without them knowing you are actually managing them. Take simple steps and follow through.

In our Career Breakthrough Tip #9, What to Do in the First 30 days of a New Job , I discuss five specific actions you can take that will help you keep your new job!


Make an Impact on Your New Job!

The Secrets to Successful Job On-BoardingI firmly believe that you are the captain of your own career.

So much so, that I wrote this eBook: The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding to help you succeed when you land that new job. In this eBook, you will learn how you can manage your new boss and organization.

You will no longer wait for someone to show you the way. You’ll know the right questions to ask, what information you need and how to go about getting it done. If you follow these steps, you will begin the new job with confidence. You will build the relationships that will take you further.


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