The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s easy to get distracted from your job-hunting activities. You may think that no one is hiring in December – you are wrong! Even if they are not hiring, companies are interviewing to get a jump-start on the New Year. A new year brings new budgets and approved positions and hiring managers want them filled immediately!

In this video, Matt Cicco, Career Coach with Matthew Douglas Career Advisors and I share many tips on how to use the holiday season to your advantage.

No doubt, the holiday is filled parties, family and friends getting together. This is a perfect time to let people know how they can be of help in your job search process. I know it may seem a little pushy, however, handled the right way it can be a win-win for everyone. This is the time of giving and receiving. Be open to receiving help that people want to give! To do that, you have to willing to ask – no one can read your mind.

There are many job hunters who get distracted. To stay on track with your job hunting, set a goal to carry out each day. You’ll feel better about making progress. It’s hard to restart a job search if you get lazy. The added bonus – when the recruiter or company continues to look for a qualified person, you’ll be front and center.




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Happy Holidays and may all your job wishes come true in the coming year!