Elephants at Work made its debut on Eyes on the Future with Mike Whittemore on WHAM 1180 AM on Saturday, September 12th. The expert panel consisted of:

Lynn Dessert, Leadership Breakthrough, Inc.

Beth Sears, Workplace Communication, Inc.

If you did not have an opportunity to catch us live, the show was broadcast in a number of segments.

In the initial segment, get a clearer picture of what an elephant at work is and what affect it has on how an organization operates effectively. Find out if the size of an organization makes a difference or how an outside resource can help leaders find out if there are any elephants in the workplace by listening to Segment One.

In our second segment, we discuss what kind of organizations has elephants in the workplace and how stress affects those relationships. Stress is the number one reason employees leave a company.

Learn about what to do if a co-worker doesn’t follow through, how to confront a co-worker that has done something wrong or if your boss is lying to you in Segment Two.

The third segment focuses on how personal relationships within the workplace may affect our ability to get work done. Some of these may be more personal in nature, such as cliques, friendships or possibly extra-marital affairs.

The topics what to do if someone has cancer in the workplace and how does layoffs affect the organization’s productivity are additional subjects in Segment Three.

The fourth segment focuses on what leaders can do to gain trust by being more visible to their employees. Beth discusses some of the research in Segment Four.

In the wrap up segment we talk about the best ways to interact with your co-workers. Is it face to face, email or by phone? Learn about the different methods and which may work better with your employees in Segment Five.

Look for us in the November/December time frame to do another show!