Sometimes the Elephant at Work is your wardrobe malfunction – it can happen to both men and women. Chances are everyone has probably experienced it. It can be more stressful when it happens at pivotal times – you are heading to an important meeting or going on an interview. There are some things you can do in advance to help prevent the occurrence and if you find your self in the moment, hopefully you’ll have a few of these wardrobe savers in reach.

Preventive Measures for your Wardrobe

  • If it is too tight, don’t fight it. Acknowledge the few extra pounds you may have gained or blame the dryer for shrinking your favorite piece of clothing – but just leave it at home. If it is something you can’t part with, then visit a tailor to see if you can let it out.
  • Fix It Promptly. If your zipper is catching, your hem is unraveling or your button is loose, mend it right away. Set the item aside in the “fix it” pile and tackle it while you catch up with your favorite television program or let the tailor fix it.
  • Retire the Worn Favorites. When your shoes have been resoled too many times, your pants are looking less crisp, there are stains on your shirts or your favorite top has so many pills, it’s time to part with them. Consider if they are worthy to donate to a charitable organization such as Salvation Army, Goodwill or Volunteers of America.
  • Do the Double Take. In a hurry? Slow down and take that second look in the mirror before leaving the house or the restroom. Check yourself from head to toe. Make sure everything is tucked in, zipped up and presentable.
  • Have a Plan B. If you are attending an important meeting or going on a trip, ensure you have some extra clothing just in case something happens to your primary suit or outfit.
  • Know your personal challenges. Prone to dripping your coffee on your shirt on the way to work? Have an extra one handy in the car. Better yet, make sure your coffee cup lid opening is not on the seam – it is usually the culprit of the leak! Are you prone to putting runs in your hose? Carry an extra pair.

Crisis Management for your Wardrobe

  • Wardrobe First Aid Kit. Pack a small case of indispensable items you’ll be glad to have on hand. Keep it in a handy place. Include the following:
  • Layer in a Pinch. Bring along a sweater or jacket to help cover up that spot or split that suddenly appears!
  • Humor Goes A Long Way. Embarrassing as it might be, put your elephant or wardrobe malfunction squarely on the table with the other person. You will relieve your stress of trying to cover it up and turn the focus on the more important issue at hand.