It’s time for the Career Development Carnival to dazzle you with great tips and advice from the career gurus and experts. This month, our career development contributors span the globe and we’re excited to include them!

So without further ado, the Career Development Carnival show is about to begin:

career exploration

Alicia Arnold presents Why a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Just Won’t Cut It posted  at Psychology Degree, reflects on, “Psychology is a field that takes many years to study and practice. It encompasses explaining and understanding people’s’ thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors. But since it is such a vast field, you are limited in what you can do with a bachelor’s degree. A higher degree will open many doors for potential careers.”

All That Glitters written by Natalie shares her strategy following sudden unemployment at What To Do When You Lose Your Job.

Marissa Bushman presents 5 Signs of Shady Recruiters & Job-Seekers at HIRE POWER: The ER Associates Blog.  How many of these signs do you see in the job search process?

Kevin Grossman at Marcom HRsay discusses the growth of women in the IT profession with his post: Learn to play nice with girls in tech playgrounds. Kevin mentions a few of the techie playgrounds that I live in!

career management

Shahrzad Araste at Career Consulting Services suggests that negotiating the job offer is about more than salary. Evaluating the offer and creating one you can say yes too is highlighted at They Offered Me the Job! (Should I Take It?).

Charles Chua C K shares with us the 7 Effective Ways to Delegate, a healthy reminder of why you can’t do everything yourself. Follow his blog at All About Living with Life.

Lynn Dessert encourages you to be proactive in your career with Career Management: Balancing what you should and want to do. “Sometimes what we like to do is not what we can get paid to do – see if your career is on track at Elephants at Work.”

job search resources

Judi Perkins asks you: Is it important to learn different interview styles? Are you focusing on the right things prior to an interview…if not head over to How to Find the Perfect Job.

Melissa Cooley challenges you to reconsider your sales pitch at Is Your Campaign to Get a Job More like a Slimy Sales Pitch? According to Melissa at The Job Quest, “When on the job search, are you a helpful problem solver or a me-oriented sales person? How can you avoid coming across like a slimy pitchman?”

Career Sherpa’s Hannah Morgan focuses on how to Demonstrate Your Social Prowess. “Learning something new and keeping up with technology can be a great way to invest some of your time during job search.  Take a look at some of these tools and see if you can use them to help set yourself apart, not just during job search, but to manage your online reputation and career.”

Jacob Share from Job Mob has developed a great list of 25 Reasons Job Fairs Are Not a Waste of Time. If one of the reasons you are not going to job fairs today is on this list perhaps Jacob will change your mind.

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