eBook Cover - What To Do After Being FiredAbout six months ago, a woman called me and told me she had searched the internet for many hours on how to handle being fired. She, like many other people land on one of my top posts: Interviewing or Job Applications: What do I say if I was fired? because they are searching for answers.

She told me Elephants at Work was the only website that broke everything down in plain simple English. She wanted to talk to me further but her financial constraints did not let her to pay for personal coaching time. That’s when I decided to make something available that would be more affordable – an eBook on What To Do After Being Fired.

Being fired, laid off or let go from your employer is an emotional subject and I had a lot to say about it. Sometimes employers do not tell you the whole story and you are left with trying to fill in the blanks. No one likes to feel helpless, stressed and confused.

Thanks Lynn, I look forward to reading your book, since my job was eliminated, as was many of my coworkers’ in January 2012 its been difficult to put into words what I am feeling. – Ronda

When low self-confidence gets in the way of being successful on the job hunting process., you start to second guess what to say to interviewers, what to put down on a job application, who to use as references, what to say to your friends and family or even if you are entitled to unemployment compensation. What To Do After Being Fired will give you answers and save you valuable time with less internet surfing.

One of the tips in the book is about when to file for unemployment compensation. Just the other day I was meeting with a prospective coaching client and I told him, “Go file for unemployment compensation”. For some reason he thought he was not eligible and from what he told me he was eligible. You may think you know the answers, the fact is you are wrong 50% of the time unless you have direct experience working in that field. Just that one piece of advice put thousands of dollars in his pocket.

Once you have answers on how to handle your “sticky” situation, you will feel good about yourself and gain control of your career again. Take action today.You won’t be disappointed.