Last Saturday’s topics covered a wide range of areas from office bullying, gossiping and dealing with social boundaries with your staff. If you were not able to listen to Eyes on the Future with host Mike Whittemore on WHAM 1180, the podcasts are included in today’s post.

The guests on the show were: Lynn Dessert, President of Leadership Breakthrough, Inc., Carol McManus of Carol G. McManus Consulting and Mark Peterson, President and CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise.

Each segment is broken down by broad topic so you can zero in on the information you are looking for quickly.

Office bullying in the workplace was the first segment, a hot topic in New York due to some pending legislation for approval. The areas we covered were:

  1. Defining abusive conduct.
  2. What is the prevalence of workplace abuse?
  3. Impact of office bullying on a company’s bottom line.
  4. Does New York State need to pass this legislation?

Listen to first podcast here: The Impact Office Bullying has on the Bottom Line.

Violence in the workplace takes on many different forms and can affect the bottom line results. The following questions in this next segment are:

  1. Is physical violence the first or last step?
  2. Is there a difference bullying between the boss and employee vs. employee and employee?
  3. What is the best way companies can avoid the cost of a hostile work environment?
  4. Does creating a good workplace help impact the bottom line?
  5. Is there a relationship between stress and workers’ compensation?

Listen to the second podcast here: Avoiding Hostile Work Environments.

Social boundaries in the workplace can become blurred. There are times where socializing outside of the workplace is positive and other incidences where it might be more troubling. The panel discusses:

  1. How do you ensure that proper social boundaries are set in the workplace?
  2. Can family atmospheres created in the workplace cross the line?
  3. Can you be someone’s manager and friend at the same time?
  4. As a leader, how do you manage people you might grab a drink with after work?

The third segment is available here: Dealing with the Intersection of Social and Work Boundaries.

Gossip in the workplace is inevitable. As a manager, what you can you do about it? The panel discusses how to go about it in this next segment:

  1. Are there tensions in the workplace?
  2. Is there a place for gossip in the workplace?
  3. Can gossip be destructive?
  4. How can you handle gossip?
  5. What is the role of the employer in gossip?

Listen to the fourth podcast here: Eyes on the Future – How to Handle Office Gossip.

This segment highlights final thoughts from the panel.  Listen to the wrap up segment here: Eyes on the Future – Final Thoughts.

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