If you have taken an assessment, this is for you. You may have taken any of the following assessments: Myers-Briggs (MBTI), Strengthfinders, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), DISC, Hogan, FIRO-B, Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode, Strong Interest Inventory…the list goes on.

This is a call for all owners, administrators and participants of assessments. An assessment is a process of collecting information and analyzing data with the intent of improving awareness, understanding and learning.

At some point in your life, you have probably taken an assessment individually or as part of  a group experience.

If you are an assessment administrator, you might be a human resources or organizational development professional, consultant, psychologist, social worker or other practitioner.

I hope that this request reaches organizations and creators of assessments too.

My goal is to create the biggest list possible. You can help me by telling what assessments you have taken. If you want to say why you liked it or what you got out of it – that would be a bonus.

Why? I am in the process of compiling information on assessments, which will be available through a new website. I want to be able to contact the owner of any assessment that you think should be included.

The assessments you tell me about will be at the top of the list and the first to be featured.

The kind of assessments I am talking about will fall into these kinds of categories:

  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Psychological  Assessments
  • Social Assessments
  • Physiological Assessments
  • Personality Assessments
  • Cultural Assessments
  • Work/Life Assessments
  • Independence Assessments
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Individual Assessments
  • Group Assessments
  • Others that you define

The assessments could be used in a variety of situations to provide measurement and feedback on:

  • Communication
  • Career Exploration
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Independence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Selection
  • Retention
  • Performance
  • Anything else?

Here is how you can help – please be specific with lots of details!

  1. List the assessments you have taken – it does not matter if someone else has said it, say it again because it tells me it is used frequently.
  2. Identify the kind of situation it was used for
  3. Contact or website information
  4. If you are the owner of the assessment – leave information on how to contact you directly – either on the blog or send me an email with this link.
  5. Most importantly, leave your information on the Elephants at Work blog comment section, even if you comment in another social media forum.

Thank you.

Lynn Dessert owns Leadership Breakthrough, improving personal communication and influence one-step at a time. Post your thoughts or email me!