When was the last time you decided to quit? Are you proud of being a quitter?

I think everyone wants to be successful at what they do – it might be a project you are working on, a new business, finding a new job, developing a skill set or making new friends. It really doesn’t matter what it is because the goal is your finish line.

What does matter is when you make a decision to quit or stick.

Yes – quit. Sometimes that is the right decision.

It might be the toughest decision you make, especially when you want something so badly.

Making the decision to quit before you start can be a very smart decision. Not all ideas or goals are good ones.

Quitting during execution may be a good decision – especially if the effort, time and materials you are putting out does not produce a significant upside.

Let’s say you have made the decision to move forward because your goal is worth the effort.

At first there is a lot of energy and excitement starting something new. Once things settle in, the “dip” hits.

That is when things get tough. That’s the time you want to quit and quite possibly for the wrong reasons.

You know there is upside; it’s just that you keep hitting the wall. That is the time you find out if your idea or initiative has staying power.

The “dip” can be very painful because it causes you to second guess and face your fears. Seth Godin talks about it in his book: The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick).

Pushing through the “dip” is what sets you apart from others – because they quit before getting through it.

The “dip” is what sets you a part from the people who quit. A steep “dip” is something to rejoice – it marks your competitive advantage.

When you find the “dip” you have found something special.