istock_000000416519small-150x150We’re almost at the end of Kathy Marcus’s 12 days of insights. Here’s an important lesson reminder about paying it forward to your network because receiving and giving help is what makes the world a better place.

Day 11 – Pay It Forward

When you land after being in transition, it’s a very exciting time – a time for celebration and a time to feel validated once again. All of those days, weeks and months of networking, posting for jobs, interviewing, thank you notes and workshops have finally paid off and you are once again a member of the workforce!

Enjoy this time and focus you energies on succeeding in your new position. As time goes by, however, it is easy for all that you’ve learned through your job search activities to fade into the woodwork.

Don’t let it!

Never forget the challenges you faced trying to figure out how to plan your search and navigate uncharted networking territory.Kathy Marcus

Never forget the first people who gave you the gift of their time and wisdom. I’ll never forget Deb Mourey, my first contact!

Think of all the knowledge you’ve gained, the tips you can share and the contacts you can introduce to others.

It’s time to pay it forward.

Job seekers are faced with the challenge of trying to meet with people who are employed and who they don’t know. Be their advocate and help pave the way for them as you were once helped.

Educate your employed colleagues about the value of networking so that they are more amenable to meeting someone at Starbucks for 30 minutes before work or passing someone’s resume along. Share tips with your network members, attend an ABCPNG meeting once or twice a month or go to a Digital Rochester event as your schedule allows.

Your presence goes a long way to providing hope and your generosity in sharing knowledge will give job seekers the tools they need to succeed.

Paying it forward will give you a good feeling, give others hope and will help you to continue to grow your network!