I have decided what my New Year’s resolution is this year. I do not usually make one, nor is it in my nature to broadcast it. This year is different.

My resolution is to be real.

Some of you may think that being real is so easy to do, that I am taking the easy way out.  If you do, consider the following:

  • Do you tell people, let us get together and then not follow up? Do you say this because it is the socially acceptable thing to do with no intention of connecting?
  • Do you respond to someone pressing you for an answer just to get him or her off your back or do you stand your ground and tell him or her you are not ready to make a decision?
  • Are you able to voice your opinion even if it is not the popular view?
  • Do you make commitments and then not follow through on them?
  • Are you timely in letting people know you have changed your mind so they make personal adjustments?
  • How often do you say “maybe” to something when you really want to say “no”?
  • How are you at making tough decisions, do you avoid them hoping they go away or face them?
  • Are you comfortable enough in your skin to put yourself out there in the public eye?
  • Do you know what your core values are and live your life embracing them?
  • Do you accept that life is about trade-offs and you are willing to know you cannot have it all?
  • How often do you tell a friend something they need to know, but may hurt them? Are you willing to test the strength of the relationship?
  • What is more important to you…being liked by everyone or being truthful?

By now, you probably get why being real is difficult. It will make some people feel uncomfortable. That could be friends, family and co-workers or possibly yourself.

Being real means letting people get to know who you are, without hidden agendas. They will know what you do well and what your flaws are and see you as human.

That’s OK in my book.