After being fired, what do you say on a job application? In this video, I discuss some career tips to help you over that hurdle – of what to say and how to say it.

For some of you the hurdle is small, others it may seem like a wall that you need to scale. No matter what the situation, you can find a way to communicate what happened or find a way to divert to the conversation. You may not get it right the first time, however with practice, it will become easier.

Fired – What Can You Do Today?

Here are some more resources to help you figure out what to say on a job application:

What to Do after Being FiredWork through what to say and how to say it with a step by step process. What to Do After Being Fired, is a self-help eBook where you work through questions and exercises on your own. You do it in the privacy of your own home and on your own time.

Visit some blog posts where there are over 100 comments from readers. Learn about what they are facing and see if you have a similar situation.

Follow the links in those blog posts to information that is useful to your job search.

One-on-One Advice on What to Say on a Job Application

I work with job hunters directly to develop what to say on a job application. Do you want to work together? I offer 30 Minute Mini-Sessions for Job Seekers. Find out more information at my Leadership Breakthrough Store.

Get extra savings if you buy an eBook first before working with me. Why? Because you may discover you can work it out on your own and save some money. If, however, you do need my help, we don’t have to cover the basics and you bring to the session more in-depth questions.

As a professional, I will hold our conversations confidential in those private sessions.