No surprise, the most popular posts or articles of 2010 hit a range of subjects on Elephants at Work. The most popular post received approximately 50% more views because it deals with a major issue today: unemployment.

Here is a rundown of the top ten posts:

  1. Do I have to sign my termination or separation agreement? – It is a question that many people ask after the fact and is beneficial to know ahead of time.
  2. The list of assessments – Beginning as a test to see what kind of interest and opinions there were in assessments, this series continues to generate comments.
  3. The list of assessments grows – 31 and counting – Who would have thought this list would grow to almost 100 assessment favorites?
  4. 26 Mind Mapping Tools to Get More Productive – The fascination and application of mind maps as a productivity and creativity tool is powerful. Readers offer their comments and suggestions on other tools too!
  5. Twenty Ways to Recognize Your Employees – Companies and managers struggle every day with recognition; when, where to do it and how to make it count.
  6. Do you think pay is the reason employees leave? Think again. – When someone or a group of people leave an organization, it rarely is about pay. They may tell you it is because it is…
  7. What it means when someone hurts you – This article surprised me, then again it should not have – obviously it is something people wrestle with every day.
  8. Unemployment and re-employment: Will I get back on track? One reader’s question hit the mark on his struggle with climbing back after getting kicked down from a lay off.
  9. Is your team dysfunctional? Organizations believe teams are important to their success yet invest little time making them work effectively. More than one manager has told me he just expects people to get along. Guess what…it takes a little more to do it right.
  10. Critical thinking skills – Important, potentially life changing- The absence of critical thinking skills affects work and personal decisions with adverse consequences. Here is a technique that might help.

This year’s success is in part attributed to the guest authors who shared their knowledge and perspectives with you too. They are:

Michael Dalton writes on innovation, the Theory of Constraints and keeping yourself focused. He is author of Simplifying Innovation: Doubling speed to market and new product profits – with your existing resources.

Robert Whipple, also known as the Trust Ambassador, focuses on how trust is the cornerstone of leadership, teams and organizational culture. He is the author of three books: Understanding E-Body Language: Building Trust Online, The Trust Factor and Leading With Trust Is Like Sailing Downwind.

Elizabeth Sears shares her stories on communication mishaps between people and in organizations. Beth is in the process of researching and writing a book focusing on best practices.

You might have had a personal favorite, if so…let us know.