You’ve heard it before; you need to be out networking. Perhaps you are scared or dislike doing it. Everyone is telling you to do it but for some reason you just can’t seem to get yourself out of the house to meet with people.

istock_000006168535xsmallConsider this – what does networking mean to you? Does it represent a crowded room with people you really don’t care about? Do you feel uncomfortable with initiating conversation or feel like you are constantly selling yourself and no one is buying? Think about what networking really represents to you. Write it down.

Now – let’s fast forward and assume that you are the best networker on this planet. You have reached the place you want to be – where is that? Are you in the job you want, have the life you dream of? What does that place look like? What does it represent to you? Safety? Security? Is it a place where you feel like you have arrived? Take a moment to visualize this place or ground yourself in the feeling – really connect with what it is like to be there.

Guess what? You have found what is beyond networking. That’s right; networking can be a means to an end – to be in the place you want.

Your challenge will be to push through that place where you feel stuck so you can reap the rewards of networking. To do that, you may have to acquire some skills or take some risks. It might be time to commit yourself to a new path – to do something different because what you have done is clearly not working.

You may have to get out of your comfort zone and head out into the unknown…and open yourself to being curious about how new experiences may open doors to getting to that place – the place where you have arrived.