I love the spring, summer and fall seasons in western New York. It is not too hot and the humidity is low. It is the winter season that challenges me. I hate cold weather, gloomy days and dealing with the snow. So much so, I think every winter about making a change and moving south, until the spring returns and then I procrastinate and start the cycle all over.

Moving is not an unknown situation for me. I have moved over 12 times during my adult life. I know the drill, albeit funding your own move vs. having a company move you requires more planning and financial investment.

In the past I have moved to places where I knew no one, so I have experience integrating myself into a community. It also helps that I have cultivated my personal activities outside of work – those interests will make transitioning into a new community easier.

The central question that remains unanswered when I get into my winter funk is: “Where do I move to?”

Here are the questions that stall my decision-making process:

  • Do I move closer to my parents who are still active but moving up the age chart?
  • Should I move closer to my friends even though our lives are very different from when I lived near them years ago?
  • Large city or a smaller community – which one will give me what I am looking for to cultivate my business and personal interests?
  • Do I want to spend the rest of my life in my next place?
  • What is the ideal climate for me?
  • Where can I get my daily dose of sunshine?
  • Should I be near the water or mountains?
  • How can I enjoy the seasons I love – spring, summer and fall and avoid the winters?
  • Is the cost of living affordable?

I am not a procrastinator by nature, in fact, I am usually the person who gets things done ahead of schedule and gets a bit impatient when others do not meet their deadlines.

Getting overwhelmed with too many alternatives or possibilities can create stagnation in the decision making process. It does for me – at least on this topic.

Here is what I realize:

Not making a decision is a sign that my current situation is not bad enough to take action. The theory is that I will remain uncomfortable, endure pain or stress until the alternative to make a change seems to be less painful or stressful than maintaining the status quo. Every time I get a glimpse of spring or take a winter hiatus to Florida, I know my favorite seasons are approaching and the decision to move gets put on the back burner.

I believe moving to something rather than running from something is purposeful and productive. Until I am able to figure out where I want to go, it really is senseless for me to make a move.

There is no silver bullet. It is highly unlikely I will find the ultimate place to live – there are always trade-offs in any decision made, even not making one.

Thank goodness it is summer and I can procrastinate until the winter season!