Thinking of my favorite blogs was difficult because I bounce around a lot and read a range of topics – careers, personal development, marketing and technology. I probably read more on marketing and technology than careers if the truth be told.


One of the reasons why is that when I write, I want to convey a unique point of view. I often wonder how much other bloggers are influenced by what their contemporaries write or say.

Here is a list of my ten favorite blogs, in no particular order:


Great  Leadership by Dan McCarthy

Dan stays ahead of the leadership curve with Great Leadership. A former Rochesterian, a few years ago he made a career move to the University of New Hampshire where he is the Director of Executive Development Programs. We had the pleasure of meeting before his departure and when Great Leadership’s readership and clout was climbing. Since then he has expanded content to include other leadership guest bloggers and continues to produce cutting edge information.

Sugarrae  Aka Rae Hoffman

What some of you may not know is that I do all my website development. Sugarrae is a “white collar redneck” (her words, not mine) who is one of my go-to web and affiliate marketing gurus. Why? I love her style, advice and transparency. Besides that, she also moved from Thesis to Genesis like I did!

JobMob by Jacob Share

Don’t discount career advice outside the United States – JobMob is based in Israel and is your ticket to everything you need to know about job hunting. Jacob is known for creating lists – a favorite for readers who like to see lots of information in a single post.

Penelope Trunk

Here’s what I learned from Penelope. Share your life experiences in your blog. When I started Elephants at Work, I was mesmerized by how much she shared about her deepest fears and flaws. Lesson: You develop stronger connections with your readers when they see your vulnerabilities.

Evil HR Lady by Suzanne Lucas

If you have a burning question about what Human Resources says or why they act the way they do, ask Suzanne. Her advice is no-nonsense – whether it is on the side of the employee or company. Who cares if she is based in Switzerland, treating employees fairly is a global goal.

Seth Godin

Meaningful and to the point – that’s what Seth’s blog is about it. It is an art to express your message with fewer words.

Mildred Talabi

Hailing from the U.K., Mildred knows how to create a winning CV, but that’s not all she writes about. To manage your career successfully in today’s fast paced environment, effectively develop social media and networking skills and Mildred gives you examples of how to do it.

Traffic Generation Café by Ana Hoffman

Ana’s weekly tips satisfy my geeky interests and keep me up-to-date on SEO and social media changes on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google.

Viper Chill by Glen

A 22 year man of the world, Glen is a successful blogger and affiliate marketer who is quite remarkable. I learn something from every post he writes about blogging, SEO and marketing. What sets him apart? His posts are long with examples and detailed information. I only wish I had the time to do half of what I have read.

CareerSherpa by Hannah Morgan

People who are on their career journey want to be led by Hannah. She tells it like it is and has a natural quirkiness that connects with people.  Perhaps I am biased, but she’s my career partner here at the Career Development Carnival.

What is your favorite blog?