Leadership stereotypes are numerous in our society. You can see them every day on the cartoon pages of your local newspaper. People cut out their favorite “skewer the boss” strips and hang them on the wall at work. They send emails with jokes poking fun at inept leaders. If they are not poking fun, they are complaining.

Leaders themselves are not exempt from the “fun.” It may help people cope with their frustrating lives, but underneath it all is a current that is swift and dangerous. By dealing in stereotypes, people write off opportunities to improve their own lives and become great leaders themselves. That is the reason why it is important to address the myths surrounding leadership.

1 – Great leaders are highly intelligent.
2 – Great leaders work harder.
3 – Great leaders look the part.
4 – Great leaders have a college education.
5 – Great leaders are expert at playing politics.
6 – Great leaders have large egos.

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