Do you have workplace behaviors that place a drain on your employees and management resources? Learn about some of the bad behaviors that might be in your workplace and what to do about them during this radio show produced by Eyes on the Future.

Jon Alhart, PR Manager with Dixon Schwabl was our WHAM 1180 host for this morning’s show entitled “Draining Workplace Behaviors” on February 19, 2011.

The panel consisted of Lynn Dessert of Leadership Breakthrough, Nancy Roberts of iNsights, and Liz Warren of Employer Services Corporation. The show is lively and informative, join in by listening to the segment that interests you and comment below.

You can listen each of the following podcasts through each segment link below or by visiting Greater Rochester Enterprise.

Here are some of the key highlights of the first segment on $3 Billion Loss due to Negativity, listen to each podcast to hear the details:

  • Workplace behaviors you face first thing on Monday morning
  • How poor workplace behaviors affect organizations financially
  • The four relationships to avoid and what to do about them
  • Overview of the DISC model

Our second segment focuses on the Need for Courage and Curiosity. Some key points are:

  • Is coaching important?
  • The two C’s every leader needs
  • Why leading with the heart makes a difference

The third segment discusses how the 24-Hour Rule Reduces Negativity in the workplace. Highlights include:

  • How the 24-hour rule can help when dealing with conflict
  • How to communicate with someone that you want to take a time out
  • Can conflict be good?

Busy Bee Bamboozle – does this describe you? Find out in our fourth segment what do about some of these workplace behaviors:

  • Sending the Viscous Email
  • The Busy Bee in the workplace who is not really doing anything
  • The Excuse Giver
  • All Talk –  No Walker – The Liar
  • It’s in the Mail
  • The Annoyer

Our recap segment includes each panel member’s Three Ways to Eliminate Negativity.