That’s right; resumes get pimples just like people do. To be honest, there are more resumes with pimples than without pimples. So how do you overcome the resume pimple? Is there a magic cream to use that erases all the blemishes?  No, not quite, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting in front of that hiring manager or recruiter.

Here’s the thing about your resume pimple. You are not alone. Just about everyone has something that they want to cover up or glide over on their resume. Here are a few of the things that people have talked to me about:

  • You want change careers and your resume doesn’t reflect what you can or want to do.
  • You were fired from your last job.
  • For many years you did not work because you were a homemaker, but you have extensive education.
  • Your skills are outdated.
  • You’ve been laid off for several years yet no one has hired you.
  • You have a disability and it affects the type of work you should be doing and/or accommodations you will need.
  • Your resume is poorly written.
  • All your jobs have been one year or less without a career progression.
  • You are about to or have just graduated from college and have minimal experience.
  • You want to move to a new area.

The list could go on…and I am sure you have your specific pimple that you are trying to address.

What is important is how you present information in your resume and how you convince the hiring manager or recruiter to talk to you in your cover letter. Your secret weapon is the cover letter. There are no rules for cover letters and if you are applying to an online system, there is often a place to upload a letter. In your cover letter, you can explain why your pimple is not really a pimple.

Once you are in the interview, expect to be questioned about your resume pimple again because they will want to hear about why the pimple exists and what you are doing to correct it. If you have not taken any steps to correct the situation, the employer will be less likely to hire you. They are looking for employees who are proactive about difficult situations, not someone who sits on the sidelines.