Perhaps it is time for you to consider a career change. Surprisingly, many people face this conundrum in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and after retirement. There is no set time in your career when this urge will begin to fester. You start to second guess why you are doing what you do and start to dream about what you really want to do.

Selecting a career change or dead end exitBefore you make a major change in your career, consider if other factors in your life are causing your current career to be unsatisfying. Some of those factors might be – having difficulty with your boss, peers or other work colleagues. Perhaps you are working 12 hour days for the last few years and you are feeling exhaustion. Consider resolving either situation by gaining new personal and professional development skills to manage the situations more effectively.

Let’s say that you really know deep down that career change is the answer. Consider these few steps before making the leap to a new career:

  1. Take assessments to confirm your assumptions on the new career. Determine if your skills and interests line up. Identify gaps and work to close them.
  2. Some changes in careers depend on significant investment in education or require relocation. Are you up for it?
  3. Talk to people who are working in the types of jobs you want to work in. People love to talk about the work they do. Ask questions, listen and learn some of the lessons they share with you. Be curious about their career path to get where they are.
  4. Recognize that your salary may change – perhaps dramatically. Is having your new career more important than the salary you make today?
  5. Discuss major career changes with your family and how it might affect each person. Think about how it may impact your future.

Finally, there is no right time to make a career change. Early in your career it might be easier to do because you are still flexible to make a change. Later in your career, you may have a safety net of funds that allows you to make a switch.

Switching careers is an important decision – think carefully about your approach and it will put you on a path to both personal and financial success!