The topic of the week is “Draining Workplace Behaviors” on WHAM 1180’s Eyes on the Future. Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at 10:00 am,  join us as we have a discussion panel led by Jon Alhart, PR Manager with Dixon Schwabl.

Here is the link to listen via your computer, Blackberry or iPhone if you are not in the Rochester, NY area.

We will be talking about some of the behaviors from a previous post, Four Relationships to Avoid in the Real World in the first part of the show and how to effectively deal with them.

In the next segment, courage and curiosity play an important part of finding a solution to bad workplace behaviors.

Have you had a manager who seems not to care? We will be talking about what that means more on the show.

Finally, you may have to invoke the 24 hour rule to effectively talk to someone else. You can manage conflict effectively with some of these steps.

The panel members consist of:

  • Nancy Roberts: Nancy is the President of iNsights – a consulting and coaching business. She helps organizations get to the heart of performance – motivation and behavior.
  • Liz Warren: Liz is Vice President, Human Resources, at Employer Services Corporation. ESC was recently named the #1 fastest growing human resources company in America.
  • Lynn Dessert: Lynn is the President of Leadership Breakthrough. She helps leaders build better relationships with their employees and external customers.

If you have a question you want to pose the panel, give us a call: 222-1180, 1-800-295-1180 and Star 1180.

If you miss tomorrow’s live radio show, I will post the segments in a later article.