Hopefully math was not your worse subject when you were younger, because job hunting is a numbers game and it requires you to set goals and meet or beat them. In Kathy Marcus’s Day 4 job hunting insights, she talks about why numbers are important to finding a job.

Day 4 – It’s in the numbers

Kathy MarcusThere is math associated with job search activities. More often than not, ‘more is better.’ We job seekers need to have goals for our activities, use our calendaring tools effectively and adjust along the way as needed.

Numbers force us to stick to the plan and not wing it. Think about the metrics you were accountable for meeting while employed. If you had a plan for how to prioritize and meet the goals at your previous position, don’t sell yourself short now when landing your next position is at stake.

So, what do your numbers look like? Are you challenging yourself enough? Are you filling a 40 hour week? Are you tracking your progress? Here are just a few suggestions for what to track each day and week:

  • How many hours per week am I putting in for job search activities (this one might surprise you)?
  • How many jobs did I apply to online this week?
  • How many new contacts do I make each week?
  • How many interviews for posted positions did I have this week or month?
  • How many informational interviews do I have each day?
  • How many hours per week do I dedicate to education and training?

Being a job seeker is the most critical job in your career. Give it the time and dedication it needs!