istock_000001167045xsmallIf you are not getting the results you like in your job hunting and search efforts, it’s time to evaluate your progress. When you take a critical look at what you are or are not doing, you will pinpoint what needs to change. Without that insight, you’ll continue to get the same results.

Today, Kathy Marcus shares her thoughts on why evaluating your progress is so important to job search success.

Day 7 – Evaluate your progress

Kathy MarcusWe’ve all received performance reviews in our careers. And many of us have written them for employees.  If you were to give yourself a mid-year performance review on your job search, how would you rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 5? Try it and you might be surprised at the results!

We have to be very honest with our self-evaluations. Only then can we pat ourselves on the back for those ‘5’s’ and come up with a development plan for those 1’s and 2’s. Another option is to find a mentor.

A close friend, colleague or even a family member whose judgment you trust and who you feel can help keep you on track. Share your weekly progress with them, the metrics you have on yourself and have them give you a review.

Job search teams can also fill the mentoring role and are formed upon completion of the Career Navigator and 5 Steps to Rapid Employment classes via RochesterWorks or simply form one with other job seekers who you have connected with.

We job seekers need to continue to hold ourselves to the same high standards we were held to while employed and evaluating our progress is one of the keys to staying on track!