What better end of the year gift than a job to start the New Year. December is the month to kick your job hunting into high gear for several reasons:

20327384_sNew Budgets

Companies with end of the year budget cycles have a round of new funding available at the first of the year. When finances get tight near year-end, companies put open jobs “on hold” to save money.

Recruiters may have the job requisitions sitting on their desk getting stale – now is the time to call and get your name put to the top of the list! Ask them if they know of any other positions in the pipeline.

New Year – New Positions

When new yearly budgets are submitted, department managers ask for more headcount or staffing to meet their upcoming year’s objectives. Savvy managers get a jump-start on their job descriptions and positions by sourcing in December.

The manager’s goal – hire as quickly into the New Year as possible. Every http://laparkan.com/buy-sildenafil/ day, week or month that goes by without that hire or resource increases their odds of missing their goals.

Temporary Work as a Job Hunting Strategy

While December may be a short month due to holidays for some companies, the push for sale never stops. To get over the hump, temporary work may be your ticket into a company. Once inside, you may move to up the consideration ladder because you are a known talent.

Leap over Other Job Hunters

December and the holidays can affect how job hunters approach their job search process. It is easy to get side tracked with other commitments. Your goal is to stay ahead of the completion by being present and available for the job opportunity.

Focus on getting a job and don’t let other people sway you with comments such as:

“Companies don’t hire in December.”

“Give yourself a break, you deserve it.”

What you deserve is a job.