Every year, people ask, “Did you make a New Year’s resolution, and what is it?” For those of you who want the tutorial on making a resolution, eHow provides step by step instructions. Many people focus on their personal life – eat better, exercise more, get a better job, reduce stress, quit a bad habit, spend more family time, etc. It’s relatively easy to find someone to remind you of your goal. How about at the office?

Think about it; reducing problems at work and eliminating undue stress is only a resolution away. Consider some of these attainable goals:Happy new year 2009

  • Take 15 minutes each morning to say hello to the staff before the madness sets in.
  • Leave the office with a clean desk. Put away everything and start fresh each morning.
  • Return calls or answer all your messages from email or voice mail each day.
  • Commit to a self development activity for yourself each quarter.
  • Ask your staff to devote time for self development each quarter. Help them plan it and support it.
  • Practice the art of setting expectations – if you can do it, say so and by when. If not, tell the person so they can make alternative plans.
  • Meet with your staff or key people in your organization at least monthly. Set an agenda to monitor work progress and seek guidance.
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback better with your staff, colleagues and boss.
  • Commit to letting people know how they perform in the moment. You’ll know it works when there are no surprises at performance review time.
  • Lead from the heart with your head. Empathy goes along way when communicating tough decisions.
  • Mentor a junior person in the organization who does not report to you.
  • Mend a broken relationship.
  • Reward exceptional performance and behaviors visibly.
  • Request, don’t wait to be asked, to lead a significant project.
  • Integrity is the cornerstone of trust. Keep your word, be truthful and let people know when you have made a mistake.

Just committing to one of these resolutions will make an impact. Find a way not to make it the flavor of the month. Tell a trusted colleague your goal and instill accountability in your decision. Give them verbal permission to provide you with a nudge if you fall off course. If doing this makes you feel uncomfortable, opt for working with a coach. They will provide you with a more private way to hold yourself accountable – consider this apart of your own personal development.

Feel free to add your resolution in the comments section; it just might inspire someone else to take it on!