It is with great pleasure that I am able to host my first Carnival of HR. The theme of this carnival is about dance.


Dancing can be done anywhere – on a ship, in the water, street, kitchen, dance hall or in an organization.  I was interested in seeing where the HR experts saw dance play out – either literally and figuratively. Contributors were asked to:

“Think about how organizations or people are influenced or represented by dance partnerships in different styles of dance.”

Who will  be dancing at the Carnival of HR?

I recognize theme challenges exercise the creative side of the brain and luckily there are some noteworthy submissions. The dance card is a little light, but when you have a great partner, you always welcome a second or third dance.

On to the dance card….and be sure to recommend them to other potential dance partners!

Take a trip down memory lane with Ian Welsh as he does The HR Quickstep – Court Style – Dancing into HR History. He eloquently relays how the same dance can play out differently in organizations.

From The Rising Suns, Andrew Peck writes about The Dance of the Sugar Plum Office. There is no shortage of different dance types going on in his ballroom organization. It makes you wonder how they do it without tripping over each other.

Robin Schooling of HR Schoolhouse gives a historical perspective about how we find ourselves in the midst of The Workplace Dance of Seduction aka manipulation. Robin urges you to share your favorite technique.

The HR Minion, Shauna Moerke tells us about how All the right moves you had years ago may not fly in the current environment. Shauna suggests what you can do about being out of practice.

Finally, Do your leaders and followers have the magic?, a post by Lynn Dessert shares how the balance of dance roles in and out of organizations is important when creating successful partnerships. You don’t want to be left standing on the sidelines.