You think or you know you have a wimpy or intolerable boss. Frustrated and at your breaking point; what do you do? There are a number of different options available to someone facing this situation.

  1. Find another job and quitistock_000005408863xsmall
  2. Quit on the spot without another job
  3. Transfer to another location or department and leave the problem for someone else
  4. Cope with the situation by venting to your colleagues
  5. Pretend the problem doesn’t exist and continue working (doing nothing is an option)
  6. Appease the boss; avoid doing things that upset them
  7. Round up your last bit of courage and approach the boss on your own
  8. Raise the issue to your boss’s boss or the Human Resources department
  9. Seek out a facilitator or coach to assist you in resolving the conflict

Each option may have positive or negative implications on your career, work and personal relationships. Ask yourself these questions to think through your decision before putting it into action:

  • Am I making a decision from an objective or emotional state of mind?
  • What are the potential outcomes of my decision?
  • Is this option an improvement over my current situation?
  • Does the work environment or culture support my option?
  • Who will my decision affect?
  • Do I have a support system (family, friends etc.) to help me? Have I discussed it with them?
  • Can I live with the consequences of my decision?
  • Are there any other resources I should consider?

Flawless execution of the your option will determine the level of success of your decision.