Each of us has an interview gut. Granted, some of us pay closer attention to it while others ignore it. Especially in stressful situations.

Think back to those interviews where something was not quite right. You may not have identified it at that moment. Days later it hits you…the conversation was off, the hiring manager made you feel uncomfortable – for whatever reason.

That’s your interview gut.

No matter if a job offer came through, your interview gut is signal that something might be wrong. If you did not get a job offer – you probably dodged a bullet.

If you are actively pursuing the opportunity or an offer is pending, consider questions you can ask to see if your interview gut is accurate.

Typically, hiring managers and HR are on their best behavior during an interview – or at least they should be. If you see things, hear comments or notice your new manager’s style may be challenging (not in a good way) do not ignore the signals.

Sometimes your gut is wrong because the other person was having a bad day. However, many times the gut is dead on correct. This is especially true for people who have strong intuitive skills.

Reflect and get clear on – is this position and culture one you will feel acceptance and support? Ask questions that help you make a good career decision; it is your responsibility as a job seeker. Focus on questions that help you resolve in that feeling in your gut is a clear warning signal or just some nerves.