Do you find yourself fumbling or feeling less confident in your interviews? Perhaps you are stumbling over some common missteps in interviewing. Your job search process will be more successful when you have solid interviewing skills. There are many stories and examples of what to do and not to do in an interview. Today Suzette Smith, a senior Human Resources Professional and I discuss some of the common missteps that occur during the interview process. Between the two of us, we address the most common mistakes that are made during and interview and what you can do to correct. it.


Getting good at interviewing takes practice – something that many job seekers overlook. You think you can wing. Most of the time you can’t – and that shows up when you fail to move on to the next round of interviewing.

If after some practice, you believe you would benefit from some direct one-on-one interview coaching, check out the details of my Interview Skills Development Program.

There are three sessions in the Interview Skills Development Program, during that time you will learn a framework to:

  • Answer difficult questions
  • Know what to ask
  • Establish rapport with the interviewer more quickly

Improving your effectiveness in these three areas and following the tips about how to avoid missteps in interviewing, will dramatically increase your success with finding the right job and organization. When you feel confident about your interviewing skills, you become a more attractive job candidate.

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