She sat next to me on the couch, her long, thick black hair gracing her face. She is young, 18 years, just deciding where to go to college, let alone fight the business world. She confides in me she wants to study English and loves to write. I tell her about my blog and her brown eyes light up. I ask her, “Have you ever had a wimpy boss?” Yes, she nods quickly as I ask,  “and why do you call them a wimp?”

Bashfully, she tells me she was fired by a wimpy boss. “Well, I actually was not fired by him, but was told through someone else he fired me”. She shrugged her shoulders, “he could not tell me himself. I call that a wimp.”

The other situation she shares is different. Her boss calls her on the day he needs her; he does not provide an advance schedule for employees. I asked her if she believes this is a sign of wimpy boss or a controlling boss? “Well, he is definitely being controlling. I think he is a wimp too because he can’t commit to a schedule.”

It appears we call it when we see it, no matter the age.