This month’s Career Development Carnival is no exception – there is great career advice from some of the best career experts in the world.  You can check out topics below with my spin and find the direct links at Career Sherpa.

Career Exploration

  • Rethinking the dress code
  • Are women still a minority in IT?
  • Can older workers get social media?

Career Management

  • Are you making these same six mistakes as other job hunters?
  • Do you work with people you do not like? Make it work.
  • Is fear holding you back?
  • Career Failure can be Career Success!
  • How safe is your career? You might be surprised.
  • Phone books – Who uses them anymore?
  • Workplace bullying

Job Search Resources

  • LinkedIn profile and SEO-friendliness
  • Do job seekers have to blog?
  • How much should you reveal on your CV?
  • How to nail your next job interview
  • Can you be perfectly qualified for a job?

Networking Tips

  • – another social network to check out
  • Social networking cross-pollination and job search

Personal Branding

  • Executive branding for your executive resume
  • What’s this LinkedIn endorsement about?

If you have career related topic that you would like to see covered in a future Career Development Carnival, share your comment below or send me an email!