Career Development Carnival

This month, the Career Development Carnival, hosted by Hannah Morgan and Lynn Dessert asked career experts to share a personal experience or story about their or a client’s “Ah Ha” moments. The interesting thing about “Ah Ha” moments is it that it means something different to each person.

The Mystery of the Aha Moment and What Solving It Means to Your Career

Dawn Lennon @ Business Fitness

Trust comes from doing what you say you’re going to do and non-attribution, particularly not telling stories out of school.

When you can be trusted to hold confidences, perform ethically, and uphold the right values, you may discover more career aha moments than you can fathom and create some too.

In 3 Steps: Make Your Career ‘Ah-ha Moment’ Happen

Davis Ellis @ The Savvy Intern

Life is full of “Ah-ha” moments…

During a job search, we sometimes find ourselves feeling stuck. We send resume after resume with no reply. Or we trudge to work every day, knowing we face eight (or more) hours of boredom in a job we don’t like, in a career that isn’t for us. Perhaps because we become used to the monotony, we fail to create solutions to the problem right in front of us.

If you find yourself feeling stuck in your job search or career, here’s a three-step process that will enable you to change direction and get moving toward not only a solution, but also your “A-ha!” moment.

More Than Luck: Two Empowering Career “Ah-Hahs”

Barb Poole @ Hire Imaging

Two job seekers’ light-bulb moments regarding their power in the search; and taking back credit from Lady Luck!

47 Ways Intelligent Executives Might Be Sabotaging Their Job Search

Lisa Rangel @ Chameleon Resumes Blog

Job search mistakes happen to smart, intelligent executives all the time. They are not even aware of it. Is this you? Are you an executive that is not seeing results you want from your job search? Peruse this checklist get clarity and have an A-ha! moment…

You Never Really Know Until You Ask

Beth Sears @ Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Her Rochester

Many problems at work and at home are created when we assume we know why someone said something or acted in a particular manner. The key is to follow-up and inquire about the situation prior to getting upset. This blog shows what happens when you react first then ask.

Living for Today… and Tomorrow

Deborah Mourey @ Hell in the Highway

Aha moments are not always pleasant but they serve to catalyze our intentions. In both these examples, the lack of support from others helped me to move forward.

What is behind an Ah Ha Moment?

Lynn Dessert @ Elephants at Work

Ah Ha moments occur when you shatter a long-standing, core or important belief. What is getting in the way of you have lots of Ah Ha moments in your life?

Light Bulbs and Revelations in Job Search

Hannah Morgan @ Career Sherpa

Here are some key take-always from job seekers who have successful mastered the tricky terrain of today’s job search.

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