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Personal Branding

The Best Pose for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

AvidCareerist by Donna Svei

Quick, easy to use advice on how to post for your LinkedIn profile photo!

Career ManagementCareer Development Carnival

Creating Work You Love

Hell in the Hallway by Deborah  Mourey

The first time I was let go, I was upset. By the 3rd time, I said no more. Here’s my story from employee to earning multiple revenue streams and being assured I’ll never be laid off again. Try it, you might like it.

5 Reasons to Invest in YOURSELF with a Career Coach

Food for Thought:  Musing on Work, Life and Living by Kathi Miller-Miller

Blog discusses some career stages/situations that may be an appropriate time to hire a career coach.

Choose the yellow brick road – or your own path

WorkingKind by Vickie Elmer

How do you decide which way to go at a career fork in the road? The moment of decision may demand a few days of reflection, or a search for a guide on your journey.

LinkedIn Endorsements Updated – FINALLY!

Career Pivot by Marc Miller

Many of you have grown tired of LinkedIn Endorsements and being prompted to endorse your connections. Many of you have also grown tired of getting LinkedIn endorsements from people you have never worked with or getting LinkedIn endorsements for skills that you do not have like underwater basket weaving. (I do know of someone who received this endorsement). That is changing!”

Organize Your LinkedIn Usage So You’re Not Overwhelmed

Chameleon Resumes Blog by Lisa Rangel

Here’s our guide on how to organize your LinkedIn usage so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Managing LinkedIn profile keywords, groups and all the new features they are always rolling out can be overwhelming. The good news is you don’t have to learn everything all at once in order to use LinkedIn effectively.

Looking for the Key to Success? Start with Appreciation.  Pharrell Knows.

Business Fitness by Dawn Lennon

“There is no achieving success alone. It takes connecting with good people, successful in their own fields, who have a genuine interest in lifting you up.

The key to your success is focusing on and developing your talents, finding those good people, and appreciating, every day, the significance of their part in the trajectory of your success.”

What to do When Your Boss Wants to Fire You

Elephants at Work by Lynn Dessert

A reader’s question – What to do when things get really ugly http://laparkan.com/buy-tadalafil/ with his boss at work? Can he salvage it? Is it worth it?

Job Search Resources

3 Reasons to Reassure Resumes with Compelling Cover Letters

Examiner.com by Debra Ann Matthews

Cover Letters Give Choice – Some postings will use the term, “letter of interest” or may ask for an email to accompany a resume. Some may ask that salary requirements are included with other career communication documents. Cover letters provide an opportunity for you to help hiring managers a chance to choose you! This is a time to choose to include information about special circumstances that aren’t covered in your resume. There are so many reasons that you as a job seeker or career changer is a unique individual. This is your time to shine!

Desperation is Not a Marketable Soft Skill

The Savvy Intern by Mark Babbitt

“You’ve tried everything, and it seems no one recognizes your potential; that you’d be a great employee… at any company, for any work! All you need is for someone to see you for what you are.


Trouble is, they may already have seen the “real” you. If you’ve done any of the following, they may already have classified you, no matter how well you might be able to do the job on paper, as desperate…”

Job Searching?  How to Avoid a Bad Fit

Calgary Resume Writer | Career Impressions by Adrienne Tom

Most job seekers commence a job search with a rather wide objective: to get a job.   Often people forget to consider what type of job they truly want, or fail to evaluate how the role matches their short and long-term goals. Can you relate?  Here are some tips to help.

Use Job Boards for Research … Not to Find Jobs

Executive Career Brandby Meg Guiseppi

An estimated 95% of executive job seekers use job boards to find jobs, but only about 5% of them will land jobs directly through them.

Things You Didn’t Know About Job Search

Career Sherpa by Hannah Morgan

There’s an old saying…you don’t know what you don’t know. This applies to job search as well. See proof that you may not know as much as you should about how to run a successful job search today.

Career Exploration

Age discrimination in your job search? Just move on.

Staffing Insights by Eric Derby

Do not waste your time on companies that discriminate.  Move on and find a better place to work.

Swing for the Fences or “Small Ball” in your Job Search

Search for Authentic Leadership by Dan Ryan

We will spend a few moments today discussion a couple of ways to go about your job search.  In doing so, I will use an analogy that is near and dear to my heart, one that refers back to baseball.

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