Career Development CarnivalThis month’s Career Development Carnival had a theme to challenge the creative juices of our career experts: Which came first? The Chicken or the Egg?

We asked them to think about the conversations they have with people who believe that one action or thought has to come first and ask the question…does it really? Usually there is no one right answer and yields some discussions and debates.

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Job Search Resources

Why Do Recruiters Post Fake Ads?

Chameleon Resumes Blog with Lisa Rangel

Which comes first? The job opening or the job posting? Sometimes recruiters post ads anticipating open jobs that are not really open yet. Are these really fake job ads? Learn inner workings of a third-party recruiting function to help you become less frustrated with job postings.

How A Functional Resume Format Can Hurt Your Job Search

The A-Plus Advisory Post with Karen Silins

How use of a functional resume format is truly seen by both HR/Recruiting/Hiring Managers and ATS Systems.

Career Exploration

The value of doing nothing, or not much

Search for Authentic Leadership with Dan Ryan

“Taking time for reflection can be a great way to get started on your career exploration, especially if you are in the midst of hectic times. Take some time to extract yourself – you’ll be glad you did!”

Who, What and Why before the Resume

Elephants at Work with Lynn Dessert

No doubt you are itchy to get that resume circulating quickly. Getting it done quick may not get you the job you want because it fails to tell your story. To get it right, ask these questions.

Reputation Management

Do You Have A Reputation?

Career with Hannah Morgan

Everyone has a reputation! The question is- how do you market your reputation in a way that resonates with future employers?

Career Management

You must go to college Before you start a business

Hell In the Hallway with Deborah Mourey

College is great but it’s not for everyone and these days, with college debt so high and more support for entrepreneurs, there are many alternatives to ‘college.’

Position or Experience

Workplace Communication Blog with Beth Sears

Looking for a position is exacerbated when they look for experience and yet you cannot obtain a position to get the experience. This post offers suggestions for getting experience before you have the actual position.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding, Resume or Job Search Targeting: Which Comes First?

Executive Career Brand with Meg Guiseppi

If you start with your resume, and neglect targeting, research and branding, you’ll probably be in for a protracted job search.