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We are excited to welcome several new contributors: Cindy Billington, Vickie Elmer, Susan Heathfield, Barb Poole, Paul Smith, Bianca Thompson and Marc DeBoer.

Career Management

Whether you think you can or cannot, you are probably correct

Blog: Dan Ryan Search & Consulting    Author: Dan Ryan

The biggest obstacle we often face is ourselves.

Crafting an SEO- and Human-Friendly LinkedIn Headline

Blog: Profession Direction Blog              Author: Kristin Johnson

“LinkedIn is a dichotomous beast. There is the side that requires specific keywords to play well with LinkedIn’s algorithm, but there’s also the human element – the person reading your profile. Can you please both sides? This is no easy feat, especially when you’ve only got 120 characters to do it in, as with your “Professional Headline.” Keep reading for some great ideas to help you balance the need for SEO and readability in your LinkedIn headline.

Advice – The Magic Word in Managing Your Career

Blog: Career Pivot                                    Author: Marc Miller

Advice is the Magic Word. When someone comes to you and asks for some advice, do you ever turn them down? Probably not. In fact, you’re probably take it as a compliment! What is the best way to approach a contact for help with your career?

Make mine a handshake: Avoid the hug from a boss or a client

Blog: WorkingKind                                   Author: Vickie Elmer

Hugs can be wonderful, warm things, or they can make you feel queasy. If your client or boss is a bit too friendly or hugs for too long, here’s some ways to politely, professionally avoid the embrace.

I Hate The HR Fear

Blog: Welcome To The Occupation        Author: Paul Smith

“How I have dealt with the two types of HR Fear:

  • Fear of HR
  • Fear of Working In HR

Don’t Follow Your Passion

Blog: Hell in the Hallway                         Author: Deborah Mourey

Conventional wisdom doesn’t always work. Be so good that they can’t ignore you is a better way to think about your career than ‘follow your passion.’

Newton’ Three Career Laws

Blog: Career Sherpa                                 Author: Hannah Morgan

Keeping your career in motion requires a little physics. Learn how Newton would suggest you develop your career!

Job Applications: Should Companies Ask for Date of Birth?

Blog: Elephants at Work                          Author: Lynn Dessert

Every time you fill out a job application you may be cringing at the request for birthdate because you fear the employer may discriminate against you. Dates of birth are needed at some point in the employment process…here’s the how and when it should be done.

Sheryl Sandberg’s 5 Best ‘Lean In’ Tips For Women

Blog: Next Avenue                                    Author: Kerry Hannon

Career Tips for women 50+ from Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg.

Personal Branding

Google Plus Profile, Personal Branding and Executive Job Search

Blog: Executive Career Brand                 Author: Meg Guiseppi

How a Google+ Profile builds online personal branding and how to create your profile.

Five Consulting and Job Search Parallels

Blog: Arthur’s Blog                                    Author: Arthur Catalanello

I’ve noticed five parallels between my job search activity and my marketing consulting business.  Lessons earned in one helps with the other!

What is not so Human about Human Resources?

Blog: The Voice of Job Seekers               Author: Bianca Thompson

Sassy HR Girl offers a “Human” perspective of an often “Human-less” side of treading through the flooded field of job hunting, interview, and the hiring process.

Career Exploration

26 Ways to share the ABC’s on your resume

Blog: Examiner.com                                  Author: Debra Ann Matthews

Beware of a boring resume that has no clue. One way to excite your resume is to use phrases that describe the impact you’ve made in your jobs, community service and professional development events. Try to describe your contributions, using various letters of the alphabet. Here are some action oriented verbs to get you started; many of the starters are compliments of Fred Coon’s coaching in his book, Ready, Aim Hired! See if you can fill each one to enhance your branded professional contributions:

Job Search Resources

What Employers Aren’t Saying

Blog: DeniseMpls                                       Author: Denise Felder

This blog post looks at a few reasons why employers might not hire a job seeker, but will not tell them.

Networking Tips

One Brave (And Great) Way of Asking for Help in Your Job Search

Blog: Hire Imaging                                    Author: Barb Poole

Advice on how to enlist the help of those you’ve reached out to who may not have reached back. How to communicate and ask them to listen and share potential opportunities for you in a respectful way.

Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search

Blog: JobMob                                             Author: Jacob Share

Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest.

Spring Cleaning For Your Job Hunt

Blog: Why Work At Vocus                        Author: Veronica Segovia

As the year goes by, those of you who are recent graduates or re-entering the job market, might be frustrated with your job search and wondering what you can do to get closer to getting hired. While you prepare to clean out your closet this spring, it may also benefit you to think about how you can apply some organization and “spring cleaning” to your job hunt. We got our talent acquisitions specialists together and came up with a check list of items that might help you get hired, faster.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding Without Purpose: A Job Seeker Failure Story

Blog: The Savvy Intern                            Author: Mark Babbitt

So many of us genuinely suck at branding ourselves.

And for most of us, there’s one simple reason for our shortcomings: we haven’t identified our purpose for why we want to engage in personal branding.

Here’s what you may not realize: The purpose of personal branding is NOT to get a job. Here are three tips to getting the most out of your personal branding efforts…”

Networking Tips

Discussing Salary in Information Interviews

Career Management:  Keepin It Real     Author: Cindy Billington

Information interviews provide a tremendous opportunity for job seekers to become more knowledgeable about a profession or industry.  It is also one of the best ways to increase a network.  Asking salary information draws the focus of the conversation away from what potential contact knows and to what the job seeker wants which is a job and a desired salary.

How to Network Naturally

Blog: CareerTrend                                     Author: Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

If only networking were under the guise of a different name. For many, just hearing the term, ‘networking’ creates stress. But what if you underwent a paradigm shift in your thinking and behavior, and learned to network more naturally–or, rather, what if you learned to netweave your way toward more meaningful relationships?

Why You Are Networking Wrong

Blog: A Better Interview.com                    Author: Marc DeBoer

There is a reason why you are networking wrong – it’s probably with the wrong people! Find out why.

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