When is the last time you told your boss “Thank You”? You may have just received recognition for a job well done, a promotion, or even a good performance review. You may be leaving the company and you want to tell you boss how much you appreciate them. Your boss may have helped you personally with a problem outside of work or it could be something that often goes unnoticed – they just let you do your job without a lot of interference and tons of support.

Electronic or Paper Thank You’s

So how does someone go about saying thank you in a meaningful way? Today’s technology might steer you toward sending an email. It is probably the quickest way to accomplish this task, but I think this is more than a task. It should be a message with meaning, not just with your words, but the delivery of the message too.note-card

The best impression you can make is to have a note card and hand write your message in it. The outside of your card may just say “Thank You”, such as Black and Cream Thank You Cards or 48-Count Border Multi-Pack Thank You Notes. Another option is to have your initials on the front on a card like this: Personalized Stationery, Classic Frame Monogram Note Cards or customize it even more: Custom Name Personalized Note Cards. Keep it simple. The front of a card should not be distracting; it should be professional, yet personal.

Inside, the card is blank, leaving you plenty of space to write your message. You may want to consider buying a large set of cards to keep on hand because they are so versatile. If your budget is limited or you need something fast, spend the $3-4 at your drug or Hallmark store. Now, is not the time to be a cheapskate when you are telling someone you appreciate them!

The message is the most important part of a “Thank You”. Practice writing out what you want to say on a separate piece of paper and continue to revise and review it until you are satisfied. Does the message http://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com/ tell your boss what you want to say? The message does not have to be long, in fact, using a small note card will limit what you can write – and yes, it is OK to have some white space. To help you craft your message, think about 1) what they did and 2) why you appreciated what they did. An example might be:

I want to thank you for your support and understanding while I went through a difficult time with my mother’s illness. Knowing that my job was secure while I dealt with my family issues allowed me to focus on getting them the care they needed.

I want to thank you for being instrumental in helping me shape my career. You have taught me more than I could have hoped for in the last two years. It is difficult to leave this organization, and I hope we continue our professional relationship beyond my departure.

Once you are satisfied with your message, take your time to write it in your card. Make sure to sign it, so they know who sent to them!

If you think writing a personal message is too difficult; you may opt to buy a card with one already written for you. Pay close attention to the tone you are setting, for e.g. a humorous card may not be the best way to tell them thank you in a more serious moment. Try to add a few of your own words at the end of the card’s written message.

Is electronic “Thank You” is the only way for you? Consider using one of the greeting card sites such as 123 Greetings who specialize in boss related messages. You’ll find some serious and humorous cards and often you can add your own personal message. Avoid the free cards; they could contain advertisements or their message may not be as relevant.

BEST APPROACH: Send a personalize note in a simple card.