Author: Robert Whipple

Organizational Flexibility

Do not view the organization as a static monolith that is the end-all of efficiency for your situation. Bend the structure to meet current situations. If you have an environment of trust and a well-internalized plan, you can...

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To Socialize or Not

I am often asked by students if it is a good or bad idea for a leader to socialize with subordinates outside of work. There are a lot of tradeoffs, and this is a complex question. I break down the variables in this article. It...

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13 Great Truths about Leadership

Much has been written about the characteristics of great leaders. I have found 13 characteristics that hold true for the great leaders I have known. There are other ingredients to excellent leadership, but if you have all 13 of...

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Six Great Myths about Leadership

Leadership stereotypes are numerous in our society. You can see them every day on the cartoon pages of your local newspaper. People cut out their favorite “skewer the boss” strips and hang them on the wall at work. They send...

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