What does “All-In” mean to you? How do you define it? If not, it may be a critical reason why you are not making as much progress in your job search or any other part of your life. Let’s talk about how defining “All-In” or your mega goal increases your success at finding the right job.

Define All-In

Really, I mean it. Find a quiet place and reflect on the following questions:

  • What does all in look like to me?
  • How will I know if I am really All-In?
  • Is my toe in the water?
  • Am I ready to submerge myself if I struggle and fight the tide?
  • Why is this important to me?
Defining your all-in is an important step in job search.
Defining All-In enables you to create a clearer path to get there.

Planning for Your Mega Goal

Break down your mega goal into smaller goals. Often mega goals overwhelm us, so breaking it down will help your motivation. Celebrate each win – no matter how small with something that will reinforce your progress.

Find Mentors to Support You

Be it mentors or other people who rally around your success, your tribe may be the secret sauce. Think about it, when you were younger you may have been more fearless. Now, there is some nagging reason why just are not taking action.

Consider surrounding yourself with encouraging and positive people. Interacting with them will keep your energy high and will support your efforts to reach your mega goal.

Conversely, think about distancing yourself from naysayers. They have a way of zapping your energy and turning your attention to nonproductive behaviors.

Know the “Why” Behind Your All-In

You will reach your goal if you know the why behind it. Your why is a strong incentive and motivator to action. It fuels the incessant inner voice – I will not give up.

Often, your “why” is from your core beliefs. Name and examine your core beliefs closely. Perhaps you have a strong belief in providing for your family or you believe you have a specific gift or knowledge to share with others. No matter what your personal core belief is, once you dial into it – possibilities emerge. You may find your core beliefs will take you down a path that is unknown or foreign. Remember, though at this point you are All-In.

All-In is Not Recklessness

Finally, when you think about All-In, there is a strong relationship between the mega goal and your willingness to do what it takes to get there. Without thoughtfulness, planning and commitment, All-In can become a train wreck. Carefully consider the steps you are ready to take in this journey.

Let me know what your All-In mega goals are. What did you learn along the way that may help others reach their goals too?