Our #6 tip – starting or joining an accountability group for job hunters steps up your job search efforts.

Think about how you spend your time – is it productive? If you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not making progress, consider an accountability group. In this video, I discuss the steps for setting up a job accountability group and recommendations for how to structure it.


The support that an accountability group provides will be more a huge bonus to your job search efforts. Group members suggest and brainstorm ideas and other job hunting strategies together. Together you celebrate successes. Additionally, they keep you honest on what you say you are going to do. Bottom line – when you feel accountable, you things get done!

If you are not up for holding yourself accountable (whether inside or outside a group), consider how serious you are taking your job search efforts.

Looking for a job is not the same as working in a company with an established routine, structure and set of performance expectations.

How you conduct a job search is up to you. You decide how you want to do it. Since there are no formal guidelines, feeling flustered is common.

Why a Job Accountability Group is a Good Option

A job accountability group is a low-cost option. They are usually made up of other job seekers who share lessons learned. Another alternative is to work with a career coach or advisor to get unstuck.

If you have experience using job accountability groups, let us know the tips you found most valuable. Your experiences  will help other job hunters be more successful in their job search efforts! 

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